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Giving is a natural state of human being.

OGGI BE is committed to service! 

We love to support and uplift others and partner and build relationships. 

Our mission is to help people feel at home, alive, and powerful in their bodies and outdoors!


As part of this mission we've identified groups within our community for whom access to the kinds of wellness services we provide might be a challenge, and community leaders who are in the practice of giving and rarely have the time or capacity to engage in this type of wellbeing care.  We are now offering free group yoga therapy sessions and rewilding experiences on alternating months to serve this incredible, deserving population.


In order to reach these audiences with our healing and transformative offerings, OGGI BE partners with values-aligned organizations for marketing and outreach.  If you belong to, or have a personal connection to a decision-maker in an organization that serves or is comprised of one of the following communities, please email me!


We are currently serving the following communities.  


Mental Health Providers

First Responders & Nurses 

Environmental Advocates

Social Justice Activists

If you belong to one of these communities, please sign up to join an experience below! 

The space for group yoga therapy sessions has been generously donated by Main Street Landing!


Yoga mats have been generously donated by the Give Back Yoga Foundation and Lululemon

If you are a service-minded person, please stay tuned to this page as we expand our offerings and may need help from amazing human beings like yourself!

You can read more about the "why" of this work in my blog.

Many thanks for your generosity

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Sign up for Free Seva (Service) Workshops
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