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Embodied Mental Health and Wellness Support For Your Team 

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Center staff mental wellness to...

  • Foster a culture of achievement and cooperation.

  • Inspire trust, loyalty, and motivation.

  • Empower staff with the skills and resources to manage stress, emotional regulation, and problem solving.

Yoga therapy and rewilding have both been shown to effectively reduce stress, develop skills for managing the individual state of being and emotional reactivity, calm and/or support the nervous system, break through cognitive barriers and disrupt cognitive cycles, and build community.

  • Reduce attrition and prevent absences due to mental health and/or physical health issues or conditions.


  • Reinforce productive workspaces with content staff who trust one another and leadership, and where all look forward to coming to work.


  • Improve interpersonal communication and collaboration.


  • Improve focus.


  • Reduce burnout and stress and provide skills for personal evaluation, self-regulation, and motivation.


  • Support effective prioritization and time management, and reduce procrastination and discomfort avoidance.


  • Overcome creative blocks.

Demonstrate your leadership and commitment to employee wellness!

Partner with OGGI BE


OGGI BE can come to your physical workplace or set up a virtual meeting space where employees can experience private consultations on a routine basis or as needed.



OGGI BE can provide education and embodiment with group yoga therapy on-site or online for all staff or for specific teams. 



You can subsidize a percentage of the investment for staff to engage in this individualized mental wellness therapy on their own.  Staff can experience this therapy at OGGI BE's office in South Burlington, Vermont, online, or at their worksite.


Together, you and OGGI BE can co-create powerful, memorable staff experiences with outcomes that last!

Schedule a consultation with OGGI BE to co-create the perfect employee wellness strategy for your business.

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