Yoga Therapy

Heal and Transform 

Yoga Therapy is a guided mind-body practice to lead people toward the truth within.  

Your truth might be... 

  • Hidden trauma to be healed;

  • Recognizing your power and capacity for change and growth;

  • A deep well of emotional resilience available to stabilize to strengthen in times of stress and challenge;

  • Waiting to be discovered!

Yoga Therapy uses the body as the primary tool for self-exploration and engaging life change.  It is based on the teachings, research, and practice of Yoga, Buddhism, Neuroscience, and Psychology.  


Yoga Therapy is not a yoga class, it's therapy.  Most clients have never practiced yoga. 

Mindful Movement 

Embodied Meditation 

Dialogue & Integration

The Yoga Therapy process is carefully led by a trained practitioner in a safe, comfortable, accessible environment. The process is typically one-on-one, client and therapist.  Occasionally, therapy groups are formed around a certain topic or theme to enhance individual learning and experience with mutual community support.  

Yoga Therapy is available for:

  • Individuals online in the safety and comfort of their home

  • Fully vaccinated individuals in person

  • Groups

  • Couples

To schedule an appointment or set up a discovery call contact Christine using the form below, call (802) 391-9731, or email  You can also schedule a 15-minute zoom consultation.  






This method of Yoga Therapy follows the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Model.


















I look forward to connecting!