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Yoga Therapy

How do you want to BE in your life?

Yoga therapy is a therapeutic process that uses the body as the main point of entry to the present moment, the mind, our behavior, our way of interpreting and moving through the world, and our deepest truth.  


It is based on the teachings, research, and practice of Yoga, Buddhism, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Ayurveda (as well as new and emerging systems and research).  Yoga therapy is a trauma-informed practice.  


Clients who are seeking yoga therapy may be coming to...

  • Discover and work with trauma.

  • Build a deeper relationship with Self in its most authentic form.

  • Engage the body to address conditions such as anxiety, depression, disassociation, dysmorphia, and more. 

  • Develop lifelong skills for managing change and stress, and unearth a deep reservoir of emotional resilience.

  • Recognize their own power and capacity for transformation, growth, and manifesting the life they desire.

  • Learn how to align mind and body to break old patterns and habits and move through life with wisdom and ease.

  • What brings you to this page?


Yoga therapy is not a yoga class, it's therapy.  Most clients have never practiced yoga and have no intention of starting!  The reason it is called yoga therapy is that the knowledge system and tradition that forms the foundation for this work is the 1000s-year-old yogic understanding that the best way to the mind is through the body. 

The Yoga therapy process is carefully led by a Certified Yoga Therapist in a safe, comfortable, and accessible environment.  The process is typically one-on-one, client and therapist.  Occasionally, therapy groups are formed around a certain topic or theme to enhance individual learning and experience with mutual community support.


Yoga therapy is a profoundly powerful tool to help clients BE in their lives in the ways they are seeking.  For many, it will be the only therapy or embodied method they may need or desire.  Some will benefit from working with both a yoga therapist and a talk therapist or another practitioner - this is something your yoga therapist will be happy to discuss and they can provide you with a list of established and aligned professionals for referrals.  

OGGI BE provides yoga therapy from their office in South Burlington, Vermont, and online to:

*Groups may be offered online or at special locations.    

If you think yoga therapy might be for you, contact Christine using the form below, call (802) 391-9731, or email  You can also schedule a 15-minute zoom chat directly into Christine's calendar.  






This method of Yoga Therapy follows the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Model.


















I look forward to connecting! 

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