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Ideal location for Rewilding.


Come home to yourself in nature.

We should feel our most authentic, wild, full, and free in nature.

Rewilding is a pathway to rediscover your deep connection to nature and the more-than-human world.  

It rekindles your bond and reminds you, you belong to an expansive, beautiful, powerful community of beings.  

Rewilding reignites your primal vitality, your senses, and awareness.

Some of the teachings, research, and practices that form this unique rewilding practice are forest bathing (shinrin yoku), nature meditation and observation, nature therapy, yoga, Ayurveda, animal and plant knowledge and connection, wilderness skills, group facilitation, and council practice.  Your rewilding guide is also a master of environmental studies, a Vermont Master Naturalist, and a yoga therapist.

Reduce Stress • Build Confidence • Improve Focus • Enhance Immunity • Connect • Expand

Connect Mindfully to Nature

Mindful Outdoor Experiences

Slow down during this guided experience in nature.  Engage all of the senses and learn to inhabit outdoor spaces rather than move through or upon them.  Reconnect with a much vaster community of wildlife - yes 

you are wildlife too!  

These are gentle hikes lasting approximately an hour interspersed with thoughtfully guided activities intended to connect and commune with nature.

Rewilding Yoga Hikes

Yoga Hikes

Pick up the pace with a more vigorous nature hike that weaves intensity and some altitude with breaks for yoga and opportunities to slow down and connect to the natural world.  Learn about the land and yourself while improving your fitness and holistic wellness.

These trips are usually 90 minutes to two hours in length.

Yoga Adventure

Yoga+ Adventures

If you're looking for an exhilarating, inspiring, and fun outdoor experience, try combining your favorite things: YOGA+ hiking, biking, paddling, and more!  Be prepared to work out the physical and mental/emotional/spiritual body supported by the unconditional positive vibrance of our nature home!  

These excursions are usually three or more hours in length.  

Group Rewilding Outdoors

Private Group Experiences

If you have a group and would like a curated retreat experience tailored specifically for you, Christine is excited to create something memorable and magical with you!  


If you are interested in a personalized outdoor experience contact Christine using this form or contact her directly by phone (802) 391-9731 or email

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