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Inhabit (verb)

  1. to occupy as a place of settled residence or habitat: live in

  2. to be present in or occupy in any manner or form


​Vitality (noun)

  1. the ability to endure

  2. capacity to live and develop

Inhabit Vitality

To be present, live in, and take ownership of one's resilience, potential, and ability to grow and thrive!

Inhabit Vitality Package

Reclaim sovereignty and power over your wellness and prosperity! 

  • 12 weekly sessions within three months. 

  • 1 monthly movement recording. 

  • 1 monthly meditation or rewilding recording. 

  • Direct access to Christine within 48 hours via text. 

  • Take-home practices as relevant and needed. 

  • Private yoga consultation to support a personal practice if desired. 

  • Personal Gift!!!

Commit to a three-month therapeutic process of guided self-exploration and personal development.  

Discover a new way of being that aligns body and mind, enabling and empowering you to reach for and live the life you desire.

🔗 Schedule a 1:1 Consultation with Christine to learn more! 🔗 

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