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We'll do it together, and we'll do it differently.

Live your truth brightly.

Learn how to align mind, body, and all layers of your being to reveal your truth and inner light, and be your truth boldly.

Develop new skills to access unencumbered awareness and acceptance as a way to limitless possibilities and wisdom.

Show up fully alive to every moment!

Discover a pathway to profound presence through the body and the breath.


Engage in practices that help improve focus and concentration, as well as the flexibility to shift focus and scale.

Identify and understand behavior and patterns that could trap you in the past or future so you can be here now, living the only moment we're given to be alive - this one.

Feel well, whole, and powerful.

Learn how to partner with your body, work thoughtfully with your nervous system, regulate your reactivity, and reframe your relationships with experiences and conditions of your life to find greater ease and sense of purpose. 

Enjoy opportunities to connect mindfully with your more-than-human kin, rediscover and delight in your ability to feel awe, and find comfort within the web of life of which you are an important part. 

BE at home and in peace wherever you are.

Build a reciprocal relationship with your body and come home to yourself as you are. 

Build a reciprocal relationship with the more-than-human world and discover an intimacy, support, and connection you may never have known out in nature.

Unleash your resilience and embrace change.

Tap into a renewable resource of resilience within you to take on whatever life might be presenting you. 

Cultivate your ability to adapt and develop skills to navigate change so that you actually find inspiration in challenges and surprises.

Live the life you desire with ease by BEING YOU without limitations.

Yoga with Props

Yoga Therapy

Engage in a therapeutic process created and inspired by the uniqueness of you that utilizes the body as the primary vehicle for understanding self and the mind, and creating lifelong behavior change to thrive! 

This embodied process is offered to individuals, couplesgroups, and teams in OGGI BE's office, online, and elsewhere as possible.   

Yoga therapy workshops are offered throughout the month in collaboration with aligned partners in order to increase access and educate communities about the helpful, healing potential of this work.  


You can sign up for workshops here.

What's going on?

What brought you to this website?  Are you in search of a new way of connecting to and understanding self and behavior and a new way of being fully, vibrantly YOU?  

Perhaps you're ready and excited about incorporating your body and your full being in the process of your healing, growth, and transformation. 

Together we will partner to:


  • Navigate professional transitions, the isolation of leadership, work/life balance, finding joy in daily life, or showing up fully in a challenging work environment so you can unleash your potential, feel supported, and show up as the whole, complex, powerful human being that you are!

  • Navigate life transitions like children leaving home, reconnecting with your partner, finding purpose and meaning beyond work, and re-discovering your values so you can flourish and experience the fullness of every day!  


  • Navigate major life changes like the loss of a loved one, the severance of a relationship, a change in family structure, taking on the care of a loved one, and/or dealing with a loved one's illness so that you can find center, get support, reorient, and move forward with hope.  

  • Navigate major life decisions about education, career, relationships, relocating, and more so you can feel aligned and confident, choosing from a place of power and abundance rather than fear and lack.  


  • Navigate your illness diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, and be held and seen in a healing space that is just for you, as you need it to process your experience in your way.  

  • Navigate the struggle of chronic issues such as autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and more so you can cultivate moments of peace, contentment, and liberation.


  • Navigate the journey toward a balanced, compassionate, reciprocal, and sustainable relationship with your body so you can thrive in your skin and radiate your light, love, and truth for others to feel.

  • Navigate the path toward living a full, easeful, joyful life while working with conditions like anxiety, depression, dysmorphia, complex trauma, and more so you can just BE. 


  • Map the way to a life you couldn't before imagine because you will have different eyes with which to see the present.  

How we'll work together...



Explore who you are in relation to the more-than-human world.  Rediscover your inner wild, your primal self, your intuition, and your power!  Connect mindfully with nature and intentionally with your non-human-kin.  

Put down your cares for a while and embrace the gifts of presence and the outdoors.  

Learn practices and tools to enhance your life and guide you forward on a path to healing and self-actualization.

In addition to private rewilding guidance, you can sign up for pop-up experiences here


We want you to have tools and resources!  

Check out our blog to expand your mind and explore new thinking, and a curated research page to ground your experiences in peer-reviewed science!

Sign up to join our community to receive a newsletter that includes resources and support from other heart-centered, values-aligned practitioners. 

Other tools may include manuals with personal practices, equipment, meditation, mindfulness, movement, and rewilding recordings.  You can find examples for free on my Insight Timer page below!  


You'll have an opportunity to connect deeply to self in a remarkable new way!

Engage with group work or participate in a workshop to connect with others who may have a similar lived experience as you.  

Participate in our community online so you can build relationships with others on their own health and wellbeing journey! 

Engage in rewilding and connect to nature in a way that will leave you changed! 

If any of this sounds like it may be for you, please connect with me below!

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