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Yoga Therapy Workshops

Are you interested in yoga therapy but unsure where to start?  Do you benefit from learning and experiencing new things with the support of a group?  Are you not ready to invest in a longer series but want to experience and understand this method for healing and transformation in yourself?


Explore the stand-alone workshops listed below that are being offered online and in your area and discover if yoga therapy may be the right practice for you right now.

Workshops coming up...

Embodied Alive! 
A group yoga therapy experience at All Souls Interfaith Gathering in Shelburne

Engage in an ancient practice to help you connect deeply to self and profoundly to the present in order to feel whole, safe, and empowered to live the life you love today.


Experience and/or desire to practice yoga is not necessary because this is not a yoga class! This is a practice of using the body as the primary vehicle for understanding the mind and our behavior, aligning all layers of our being, cultivating resilience and regulating the nervous system, and implementing long-lasting behavior change to liberate us from old patterns.


Check back here for future offerings! 

Embodied Alive.png
Writing Embodied

An invitation to writers and those interested in exploring writing...

Join the Writing Embodied Workshop through Burlington Writers Workshop

This workshop is intended to help writers connect to a deeper experience of self by exploring their internal world and layers of being through an embodiment practice.  Discover what happens when you bypass the cognitive mind to consult with another source of knowing.  Utilizing movement, stillness, and breath, you will begin to create internal alignment and a flow of information from the other parts of your being that sense, perceive, and interpret.  Experience the impact of calming the nervous system and shifting your state of being before beginning to let self-expression unfurl from within.

Click the button below to sign up through Burlington Writers Workshop.  You'll have to become a member in order to view the calendar of events under the Events tab.  Membership is free!

Empty Arms Group Yoga Therapy
at Sangha Williston 

For members of the Empty Arms community and any person who is grieving pregnancy loss, infant loss, or infertility.  These workshops are to support you as you grieve and heal.


Return to yourself by engaging in yoga therapy, an ancient practice intended to help people access their minds and emotions by moving and exploring awareness in the body. Improve your connection to your body and align your layers of being to work with loss, grief, and hope at the pace of you.  


These 2-hour workshops will begin with introductions and some education followed by 45 minutes – 1 hour of a therapeutic embodied experience to provide skills, frameworks, and behavior that will support the grief, loss, and hope journey. Participants will get time to journal and process their experiences internally. The workshop will close with a circle and integration.  


Be seen, validated, and supported by a community of people with shared lived experiences. Explore this work in a way that is uniquely yours and take home new ways of being that make taking that next step or next breath a little easier.  


You are welcome here.

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