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Yoga Therapy, A Story

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Bob The Cat from Yoga Therapy, A Story
Bob The Cat from Yoga Therapy, A Story


The following is completely made up but includes concepts, ideas, and feelings that many people have and experience when engaging with yoga therapy. This story is meant to show, rather than tell what yoga therapy is and can be. Nothing in this story is meant to directly refer to any individual, and if something sounds familiar or feels resonant, you can be assured it’s because many others have said or felt something similar, and you share a common thread of human experience and expression.


It was 2:24 AM. June’s eyes were heavy but alert, the soft, rippled skin around her eyes had given up hours ago but her gaze was penetrating. In the google search bar were the words “I think I have anxiety.” Her heart was beating fast, and her knee was bouncing vigorously on the bed, but the