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Yoga Therapy Ambassador

Help others find their way!

Help others find their way to yoga therapy!

How did you find yoga therapy?

Help make this connection for others and get rewarded!

As you may already know, yoga therapy is not yet a widely known therapeutic modality - but it's growing!  Ask yourself, how did you  find yoga therapy?  What obstacles were in your way?  Would you like to have known about it sooner in your life?  Can you imagine how it might have benefited you?  


Now imagine how it might benefit others!  

Yoga therapy ambassadors are people who have experienced the work and are enthusiastic about sharing it with people they know and care about.  They are thoughtful about connecting people to the practice.  By referring people they know, who they believe will genuinely benefit, yoga therapy ambassadors are helping educate others, helping people find a path to wellness and the life they desire, and growing the community!


How it works:

A yoga therapy ambassador (it could be anyone, including you) knows someone who might benefit or enjoy engaging with yoga therapy and they refer that person to OGGI BE.  They would do this by emailing, including their person in the email, and indicating somewhere in the subject or body of the email that this is an ambassador referral.  

The person who the ambassador refers will get $50 off of their first yoga therapy session.  

As a thank you, the ambassador will get $25 off their next yoga therapy session or package.  

If the referral goes on from their first session to purchase a package then the ambassador will get an additional $25 offsubsequent session or package.  

In this way we hope to make it easier for people to connect to the work and spread the love!  

If you have questions about this, please reach out to

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