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All Flows (60 Minutes), Core Flow (70 min), Morning Flows Monday and Friday (45 min)

Flow is a comprehensive yoga class that is structured to engage all parts and systems of the body.  Students are led through sequences of postures that flow or blend directly into one another, between these sequences are opportunities for rest or self-guided movement as the students sees fit.  Core Flow is still a holistic yoga class and there is an additional focus on developing core strength and mobility.  

Suggested Essential Oils:

  • Wake Up Slow Flow (Monday)

    • Rosemary - uplifting

    • Breathe - bright and clean

    • DDR - the earth waking up

  • Wake Up Flow (Wednesday)

    • Lime - like a Sunday morning, softly energetic​

    • Bergamot - calming  

    • Hope - like a young child's dream

  • Slow Down Flow  (Thursday)

    • Serenity - calm ​

    • Vetiver - calm yet uplifting, like living in trees

  • Quick Friday Flow

    • Cypress - trees at night​, invigorating

  • Core Flow (Saturday)

    • Frankincense ​- strong, "king of oils"

    • Clary Sage - powerful pop, rejuvenating


Fundamental Yoga (60 minutes)          

Fundamental Yoga is a hatha style class wherein postures are offered one at a time with more opportunities to pause in between.  This class engages all parts and systems of the body.  A standard series of postures is offered at each class so that students can deepen their understanding and ability and finely attune to the alignment that is safest and most supportive.  New postures are introduced routinely to expand students' knowledge and repertoire but only as a supplement to the standard practice in which they will be confident and know intimately. 

Suggested Essential Oils:

  • Fundamental Yoga

    • On Guard - like the inside of a tree

    • Balance - like a damp beach house


Outdoor Yoga (60 minutes)          

This class will reflect the students present and may be a Flow, a hatha style practice, and will likely be some novel combination of those two and more.

Therapeutic Mindful Movement 

(Formerly known as Present-Centered Therapeutic Yoga.) 

This yoga class is based on the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy method of engaging in mindful movement, meditation, and yoga principles as a tool for healing,  personal growth, and transformation.  All yoga can lead to these results but this class is specifically curated to concentrate on this potential over the goal of perfecting postures for strength and flexibility (though, these will tend to be positive byproducts of the practice).  The class is offered in a hatha style wherein postures are offered one at a time with more opportunities to pause in between.

Embodied Breath Meditation 

A meditation focused on anchoring the mind to the breath and the present moment to create deeper connection with self and greater resilience in life.

Why are there are suggested essential oils for some classes?

Essentials oils are nature distilled!  Their properties have powerful affects on the body.  Think about the benefits of taking a deep breath in the woods or at the beach.  Imagine being able to diffuse the actual essence of the real botanicals that created those transportive scents! 

The notes you find next to each suggestion are my completely unique and subjective response to the scent and your experience could be quite different.

I do not sell essential oils.  I purchase mine from Natanya Lara who strictly sells doTERRA Oils due to their commitment to sustainability, equity, and quality.  


You can purchase the oils that I have suggested at this website, click "Shop." 

Better yet, you can schedule a call with Natanya who is absolutely thrilled to answer all of your questions (like, "how do you even use essential oils?") and honestly has no agenda to try and sell you something you don't want or aren't ready to buy.  Connect with her by clicking this link.

If you have questions feel free to use the chat function at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, send an email to, or call (802) 397-9731.​

Yoga Oggi Class Descriptions

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