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Why Blog?

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

I feel I owe us an explanation.

Blogs are nearly as old as I am. Since their inception I wasn’t very interested in reading what other random people had to write about life. I was too busy figuring it out on my own. At the time, reading a blog felt like getting unsolicited advice; I didn’t have a habit of giving my opinion unsolicited and I didn’t appreciate receiving it from others that way either. As I matured it occurred to me that figuring out life on one’s own is a futile task. I couldn’t possibly live and learn all of the life experience that other people had, and I could potentially benefit from opening my mind and my heart to their wisdom. Today I know that humility is a gift and asking for help is not a weakness. I still don’t read many blogs, but that’s simply due to a lack of time, not a lack of interest.

As strongly as I felt about not reading blogs, I once felt even stronger about never ever writing one. What could I possibly say that is worth anything to anyone? I was raised with the traditional paradigm that it takes age and multiple degrees to be able to speak value and be heard. I didn’t want to be heard anyway, lest I say something wrong. One of my mother’s favorite quotes is, “better to remain silent and be thought the fool than to speak and remove all doubt!” While it’s generally sound advice, it can be taken too far. If I put my mistakes in writing, they would be marks against me indefinitely. If someone didn’t interpret me the way that I intended, they may not like me.

Writing anything for public consumption is challenging, but blogging calls up feelings of fear and shame, guilt and occasionally humility, plus just enough hope and desire to do it, which brings with it more fear, shame, and guilt, all boiling over and spewing out for millions to see. It’s downright scary, and to those people who are vulnerable and courageous enough to put themselves out there, I commend you! I hope that I can be that honest and available.

I am not a proponent of holding someone captive to their earlier ideas and opinions they have outgrown, hopefully most people learn and change all throughout their lives. Today, I would give the younger, fearful, somewhat dogmatic version of me a hug and perhaps a loving eye roll. I would encourage her and anyone else who has something big on their mind and on their heart to share it, not to keep it inside. You never know who is looking for you, your words, your story, your resonance. There are a lot of people in this world and you might be able to help just one by being the long-distance pen pal that keeps them grounded and makes them feel connected and understood.

So here I am, changing my mind, changing my behavior, trying something new and frightening, and potentially rewarding. I am going to lay down the overprotective part of my ego and feel into this emotional edge because there is so much more for me to learn through this process and maybe someone reading what I write will benefit in some way from what this random person has to say about life?

Please don’t expect grammatical perfection or poetry. This blog is merely a way for me, and maybe you, to explore human being. I study and teach yoga, meditation, mindfulness, coaching, environmental engagement, and more, so those topics and philosophies will show up here in myriad ways. I encourage you to comment and engage with what I post. I hope you will criticize in a civil way. You are also welcomed to connect with me directly on Facebook and Instagram @yogaoggi. This isn’t just about me, it’s about us and what we might be able to do together with this one life we’re living.


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