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Referral Partner Resource

Help someone get the support they need to thrive!

You can review my resume (linked below) for your personal reference.  Please schedule a meeting with me to ask any questions you may have!  

When you identify a potential referral, it's always best to, with their permission, make an email introduction to both of us.  Please do this even if they schedule a consultation with me.

You can let your referral know that every new client will meet with me first on zoom (or the phone if they prefer) to make sure that this work and I am a good fit for them.  They are welcome to schedule that consultation with me using the QR code on my referral business card.  It's also the Let's Talk tab on my website and

A 15-minute chat is for someone who is confident that they want to work with me or engage in this work and we will use that time to get to know one another and identify a strategy to meet their goals.

A 45-minute consultation is for someone who is brand new to the idea, may be skeptical, may have a more complex situation, or just generally desires more time to understand and make a decision about the work.  

You are welcome to share my latest newsletter with them (link below).  It will help them get a sense of my personality and approach.

It's a great strategy to plant some seeds about this work and how it might be helpful to them, and then water them by revisiting it in the future.  Below are some suggestions for ways to talk about it.

How to introduce people to the work...

What someone is working on...

I’ve been hearing you talk about ___ a lot.  I think you would really enjoy talking to my friend Christine!

If you’re feeling stuck, Christine’s approach is completely different, it opens doors you never knew were there.

My friend, Christine, helps people with (insert what they're working on).  

I know people who keep working with Christine because they want to keep growing both personally and professionally.  She’s fun to work with! 


What it's like to work with me...

Christine hears more than your words; she hears what’s most important to you.  She really sees you.

You leave a session with Christine feeling lighter and more powerful and with easy practical steps to move toward your goals!

If you've had trouble finding a meditation, movement, or mindfulness practice, this is a great place to experience the benefits of that with guidance and with an approach that's tailored just to you.

Christine creates a positive space for working on hard things.


What's unique about yoga therapy...

Christine helps people get out of their heads and into their bodies.


We can’t think our way out of everything.  Sometimes we need to feel.  Christine is great at helping you get to the truth or change by partnering with your body.



Making the connection...

An initial consultation with Christine is free and casual, with no expectations.



Thank you for helping people connect with me.  You are helping to change a life!

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