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Drop Into Yoga Oggi Classes

Best Practices



All levels are welcome to any class.  Postures and sequences can be modified to fit individual needs.  


All new students must complete the liability waiver prior to their first class.  Click here to complete the waiver.



Outdoor yoga will take place in light weather.​  It is possible to practice on grass when it is dry, but it is not advisable after a gentle rain.  Please bring a yoga mat and a towel to lay over it in case of unexpected, or expected light showers.  Please also bring any layers you think you might need.  Don't forget water and sunscreen or bug spray!

When weather warnings are issued, expect that the class will be canceled.  

It is possible for walk-ins to join the class if they want to practice on grass and have a cell phone to sign up and sign their waiver.


It is suggested that you purchase your own yoga mat, strap, and a set of two blocks. 




While all classes are virtual, we can't gather and chat in person about our weekends, our favorite music to practice to, our most recent injury, etc.  Please use the few minutes before class to introduce yourself to your instructor.  

New Monthly Members and Annual Members are encouraged to sign up for a private consultation with Christine to discuss your needs and goals and get to know one another better!




Morning classes must be booked by 10:00 PM the night prior.  Afternoon and evening classes must be booked 10 minutes prior to the start of class.  You are strongly encouraged to book them a half hour in advance to ensure your spot.  Just as long your class is booked in advance, you do not have to worry about arriving a few minutes late.  Life happens!


It is suggested that you purchase your own yoga mat, strap, and a set of two blocks.  In lieu of a strap you can use a long, soft belt, one from a bathrobe is particularly good.  Feel free to use your imagination and ask your instructor if you have a question.  It's also a good idea to have a blanket or thick towel, and/or pillow as well, especially if you do not own your own blocks.  Students might also consider purchasing an infrared space heater for their practice space to keep the environment comfortably warm and encourage softening, lengthening, and ease. A  little perspiration is welcome too!   



Please leave your camera on!  It is challenging to experience community in a virtual setting, and connecting to others is vital for our physical and psychological well being.  Also, in order to effectively "teach off the mat" and provide assistance the instructor needs to be able to see you.  For our late evening classes like Slow Down Flow, we will not come back on together after savasana so that you can take as long as you need in that final posture.  Finally, if something comes up and you need to step away from your mat or multitask for a minute, please temporarily shut off the camera so that your other classmates are not distracted from their practice.  



All attendees will be muted as the default for a drop-in class.  For series and workshops, there will be long periods of time when students and instructor will be conversing as a group and all will be unmuted.  If you start to notice echo or feedback, please volunteer to mute yourself when you are not talking.  



If you attempt to use the chat function during a drop-in class the instructor may not get to it until the end of class.  If it is a class that ends during savasana, the instructor will follow up with your question by email or phone.  If you have a question that you need answered right away, please use the hand raising function to get the instructor's attention and they will unmute you to hear your question.  After all classes except Slow Down Flow there will be a few minutes to stay on and converse, and that is a great time to ask non-urgent questions.  



Yoga Oggi prefers for instructors to see how students are doing during practice rather than to demonstrate the postures.  They use verbal cues to lead students into and out of the postures.  If students are challenged with a posture, the instructor will show the proper way to get into it.  When a class has newer students the instructor will tend to demonstrate more, but that will naturally subside as the class progresses.  The goal is that the student will not need the visual aid to move through their practice so that they can be fully present and engaged in their own personal experience.  



A sliding scale is available upon request, no questions asked. Please send an email to to request a sliding scale.    



Single Class: The drop-in rate for all classes is $15.

Online Memberships

First Four: Get the First Four weeks of unlimited live online drop-in yoga classes for only $20!


Monthly: Get unlimited live online drop-in yoga classes for $45 monthly and the following:

3 private consultations per year

5% off of private yoga instruction

5% off of coaching services 


Annual: Get unlimited yoga all year for $400.00 and the following:

3 private consultations per year

10% off of private yoga instruction

10% off of coaching services

1 free coaching session per year  

Outdoor Packages

Outdoor Class Card: Get 5 outdoor drop-in yoga classes for only $50!

New Students
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