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Thoughts like clouds...

It's not uncommon when meditating in yoga class that the instructor will say (myself included), "it's natural for thoughts to enter your mind when you try to quiet it.  You can acknowledge those thoughts then treat them as clouds passing across the sky... at once present and powerful, and just as quickly, gone."  

It occurred to me that the posts in this blog are much like those clouds as well.  Certainly not everyone will look at them the same way, and I would never presume that my views are the correct views for anyone other than myself.  I simply share them in case they might resonate, inspire, or provide the impetus for your own personal introspection.  I treat them as clouds, and release myself and you from any attachment to them.  As long as they are there, and if they serve you, please enjoy them, once their purpose is spent please let them go.  The Truth lies within you anyway, body and spirit.  Thoughts, like clouds, are a veil that are both beautiful and also obscure what is beyond.

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